Tribute to Venus Carmichael

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Recording Sessions

And so, as the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness tips into (in Scotland at least) cold, darkness and car headlights sluicing through the rain, Kelly and I go into the studio to record that long-talked about album.

The venue is the excellent Substation, in Rosyth, where we generally rehearse. The dates: Thursday 3rd and Friday, 4th November – two three hour blocks to get as much down as we can, and get it mixed with our engineer, Duncan. Wish us luck!



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Venus The Album: Results Time

The votes have been counted and verified by our independent adjudicators, and the lines are now closed! Or whatever they say on that stupid talent show thing.

Anyways, in the real world, a real show took place last night called Venus – the Album. The idea, if you’ll recall, was to play 16 of our favourite songs and get an audience reaction, with a view to whittling it down to 10 for the recording sessions we have coming up. So, without further ado, here are the results:

Death in Venice (Rose Tattoo)              12 votes

Highway Tonight                                    10

Coming Around Again                           10

Running Song                                           9

All I can think of is you                            8

Spider Arpeggio                                        8

Heartlands                                                 8

Katerin                                                        7

Old School                                                  7

Icarus Wings                                              7

Which makes the 10! Just behind, or bubbling under, as they say, were Barricades (6 votes), In the Canyon and She Sees Round Corners (both 5).

Now, I’ve still to consult with Kelly, and the figures may be more weighted towards the later songs in the set because there were a few folk didn’t make it for the start, but that does look to me like a pretty  damn fine track listing. So thank you, loyal fans who came along, and of course the slightly confused French tourists who departed into the night bearing a Venus mug and my pidgin French and Spanish explanation of what the hell was going on.

If things go according to plan, we should have a couple of recording sessions later on this month, and after I’ve finished overdubbing and mixing, an album to show you a few weeks after that. No idea yet of price, release date, or anything like that, but rest assured, if you were in there voting last night, you’ll get a special rate!

Thanks again,

Andrew x