Tribute to Venus Carmichael

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Voyage to Venus – the Radio Play

We’ve been very lucky with our collaborators and friends in the band. Harky Harknessian, aka Craig Harkness, who recorded this radio play for us, is a multi-talented musician, engineer, producer, sound technician, and all round good guy. How and where he got that original footage of Venus herself being interviewed we’ll never know…

Thanks again to Harky, Andrew Wilson, Kirsti Wishart, Gavin Inglis and May Stocks for their help.

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In The Works

Following our gig at the White Horse on 24th April, the band’s been laying low, mainly due to Kelly’s upcoming exams. However, you may have seen on Facebook and Twitter Andrew was recently snapped at Backtracks Music Shop in Brougham Street, up at Tollcross, with the Mad Hatter – he’s been snapped with all the famous musicians about town, dontcha know…

In the meantime, we’ve extended our offer of a free bonus track for you if you sign up to the mailing list or order our EP for now – the track’s ‘Wedding Dress,’ which we played live at the White Horse for the first time. It’s one of the new songs we’ve been working on from Tape 9, but there are more – one of them, ‘Tank Song,’ also featured in our set, and just needs some tweaking production-wise before it’s ready for release. Expect some activity on Soundcloud soon.