Tribute to Venus Carmichael


Now, at last, we’ve got an album to sell you! The Lost Tapes comprises ten tracks, as selected by our most loyal fans at a gig in October, 2016. GBP7 + p&p for the physical CD: or, if you prefer, you can download the album as mp3s from the AmazingTunes website here for a mere fiver! You can also get the enhanced Wav format to download from Bandcamp, for 7 dollars.

Got Paypal? You can pay me for stuff using this link


Also available, our EP, ‘Taking Names,’ featuring 5 songs: GBP4 + p&p

venus jpg

But we’ll do almost anything to spread the word about Venus Carmichael and her fantastic songs. Like any of the images on the site? We’ll make them into a mug for you for GBP7, or a t shirt for GBP12 plus p&p!

t shirtsphoto 1

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