Tribute to Venus Carmichael

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So, I live outside Scotland: how do I get my hands on all that lovely music?

Welcome everyone who’s signed up in the last few days! If you’ve been to our Soundcloud site, and want to buy one of our CDs, or even a lovely VC t shirt or mug, you can now Paypal me via this link! And don’t forget, for this week only, all CDs are post free. Yes, even outside Scotland!

What’s more, again this week only, buy our album ‘The Lost Tapes’ and get our EP, ‘Taking Names,’ for a special price of GBP2 – that’s a whole 15 songs for, oh, I don’t know, the price of a burger at the current exchange rate!




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Venus on Tour?

As our hard core following will know, we’re temporarily homeless gig-venue wise in Edinburgh, as our favourite place of performance, the White Horse, has closed for a refurb.

However, we’re in discussions with a number of people about gigs out of town, so if you’re somewhere in the Scottish Lowlands, stay tuned for more news… in fact, if you’re somewhere in the Scottish Lowlands and you’d like us to gig near you, get in touch!

Rehearsal last week went well, with 4 new songs having arrived on another ‘lost tape’ recently. We’ve also started promoting ourselves a bit more on Facebook, so if you’re clocking in for the first time, welcome! Just for this week, we’re offering a chance to buy our CD post free, so if you like what you hear on the Listen page, we’d be really happy to send one along!