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Forthcoming Gig: Venus and Isaac

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We’re delighted to announce our forthcoming gig with Isaac Brutal will be at the White Horse, in Edinburgh’s Canongate, on Saturday 14th May. It’ll start around 8, but it’s an informal affair so you can come any time before that too: just bear in mind if you do, you might get a job helping to wire up the PA!

It’s hard to believe our last gig was back in December. However, various things to do with real life have hit us both in recent months, so it’s maybe not that surprising. Although there’s a whole lot of new stuff bubbling under, we’re going to concentrate in this set on our favourites – not exactly a greatest hits package, but if you’ve been to any of our shows before, you’ll recognise some, at least. Having said that, there’s so much Venus material to draw from now, there’s bound to be something you haven’t heard before, too…

Following our success in co-gigging (if that’s even a word) with Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent last time, we’re delighted to be joined by Isaac Brutal and the Brutalists this time. Mark Allan’s (that’s him in the pic) alter ego Isaac Brutal has been making music on the Edinburgh scene for many years now, and his back up band comes in mayn formats – right up to and including a full on rock ensemble generally going under the moniker The Trailer Trash Express. The Brutalists incarnation is stripped down, in the sense that there are only three of them. However, instrumentally, the performance will feature guitars, mandolin, keys, harmonica, blues box guitar, and whale song.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to tempt you along, you can hear both of these all-original sets for only four of your English pounds. Plus a chance to win a Venus Carmichael mug!

And did I mention the whale song?

white horse gig 24.04.15brutal2


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