Tribute to Venus Carmichael

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Venus Reimagined

Big, big thanks to Casi, Roland and everyone else involved in the evening of Whisky, Words and Music tonight as part of ReImagination: Glenrothes. We had a blast!

If you enjoyed our music, and want to hear more, our next scheduled gig is Wednesday, 1st August, in the cosy surrounds of Banner’s Hotel, Markinch. But stay tuned for more news soon!

Andrew and Kelly x

Us at the gig with our spoken word artiste, Jayne Russell. Photos courtesy of the Edinburgh International Book Festival

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Venus Resurfaces

…and she’s back! We were getting somewhat concerned about the lack of activity on Venus’s blog. Then, an alleged sighting from Keith Richards, supposedly.

Now… well, read for yourself:

Off the Radar again

I’ve been kind of quiet on this blog for a while. That’s mainly because I’ve been out of internet range for most of last year and this until a couple of weeks ago, in the Chiapas region of Mexico with the Zapatista rebels, staying as their ‘guest.’

I’ll tell you that story another time – still working it through. It did make me think though about another time I disappeared off the radar completely, in the late Eighties. Here’s that tale…

Las Vegas

I’d pretty much given up on my agent when I called in that time. To be fair, I suppose, it’s hard to arrange much for a travelling musician who lives in a Dormobile and leaves no forwarding address.

‘I’m glad you got in touch,’ Fran said. I pictured her in that office of hers in L.A., in back of the mall where the rental stays low. ‘Have you ever been to Las Vegas?’

The gig was a three month residency: after that, she said, ‘we’ll see how we go.’ I should have smelled a rat from the start, but hey, money wasn’t exactly flowing into the coffers, and, this being late November, the cold was starting to bite my toes in Minnesota, where I’d fetched up at that point.

So I said, ‘sure, why not?’

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Another Side Of Keith Richards (He’s A Genius Inventor!)

Just when we were starting to worry if Venus was still with us… here’s an unconfirmed report of her being spotted by no less a personage than Keith Richards!

Yeah, Another Blogger

When my cell phone rang in my bedroom a week ago Monday at 4:30 AM, I bolted up from the deepest sleep I’d been in since I don’t know when. Shit, I’d forgotten to leave the phone out of earshot! Double shit, the jolt was so dangerous I came this close to reaching the end of my Earthly days. Hallelujah though, my wife Sandy continued to sleep the sleep of babies. Grabbing the phone, I tiptoed out of the bedroom and down the stairs to the living room sofa.

“What the f*ck’s wrong with you, man?” I said to the caller. “Don’t you know what time it is here? It might be late morning in Ireland, but I don’t live in Ireland!”

Photo by Mark Seliger

“Calm down, bro,” said Keith Richards. “I forgot about the time difference, ya know? Gimme a break. And by the way, it’s good…

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Looking for Venus

As we prepare for our gig at Banner’s tomorrow night, there’s something been nagging at us for some time now. Venus Carmichael hasn’t posted on her blog for some time now – December 2016 was the last time. Around the same time, the cassette tapes of her new material stopped arriving at Kelly’s house. Has anyone, in the States maybe, seen or heard tell of her?


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2018: Gig Frenzy! (Well, sort of…)

Things have been quiet at Venus HQ for a bit. Well, that’s about to change in the early part of this year, as we have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR gigs lined up for your listening pleasure!

First up, we’ve been asked to provide the musical entertainment at an invitation only event on Friday: this is the ‘Glenrothes, 70 years on’ digital storytelling project, finally coming to fruition. It’ll give us our first taste of playing Hall B at the Rothes Halls.

Next, one of our now regular gigs at Banner’s Hotel, in Markinch, on Wednesday, 7th February. Banner’s has been a great venue for us, and we enjoy the three-monthly performances there. Plus, for me, it’s a nice change to be doing a gig so close to home – and to see friends who wouldn’t normally make it over to Edinburgh to one of our shows there.

The next gig is also at Banner’s, on Wednesday, 2nd May, and then…

If you haven’t heard already, Edinburgh International Book Festival is coming to Glenrothes! There’ll be all sorts of events announced soon, but for now, the date for your diary is the Friday, 17th May, when there’ll be whisky tasting, book readings, and us, in Hall B again!

Hope to see you soon.





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Autumn News

The nights are fair drawing in, as we say in Scotland! However, although Team Venus has been quiet over the summer, that’s not to say we’ve not been making plans to perform more of our heroine’s wonderful music somewhere near you!

First up, we return to Banner’s House Hotel on Wednesday 1st November. This is our third visit to the Markinch eatery, and it’s been great for us – appreciative audiences, and a lovely, intimate space to perform in. Plus, if you come along, you’re close to a ready source of excellent food and drink! There’ll be a Facebook event along in a minute – hope to see you there.

Secondly, we’d like to do more gigs, and that idea of a cosy we space to perform had us thinking. Having recently seen Martin John Henry of De Rosa perform a fantastic house gig in Cupar, we’d like to offer the same opportunity to you guys. Think of how convenient it would be if you could listen to some of your favourite tunes played live, and not even have to stir from your living room! If that would be of interest to you, get in touch via venus [dot] carmichael [at] gmail [dot] com, and we can have a chat about it: our rates are, needless to say, very reasonable.

Hope to see you soon,

Andrew and Kelly

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Next Date for your diaries

We’ve had a run of good gigs recently. In early June, we played at Banner’s in Markinch; and yesterday, we were honoured to play at the invite-only charity gig in a ‘secret’ location in Lasswade, Jeffest.

Next date for your diaries though is back in Banner’s, on 2nd August. We really loved the intimate atmosphere there last time, and look forward to doing it again. And we may have a secret weapon up our sleeves in terms of a new way to tell you some more of the myth behind the legend!