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Breaking news: delighted to announce Tribute to Venus Carmichael’s next gig will be at the White Horse, Canongate, on Saturday 19th September. More details soon, but in the meantime, keep your diaries clear!

As some of you know, TTVC’s last gig was at the White Horse, and we found it a really good fit in terms of accommodation, acoustics, and (not least) alcohol supplies. Hope to see you there!

white horse gig 24.04.15


Author: andrewcferguson

I'm a writer, performer and musician living in Glenrothes, Fife in the lowlands of Scotland. My novel, Thw Wrong Box, is due out shortly from Thunderpoint Publishing. My solo album, Songs in a Scottish accent, is also likely to be completed later this year. The two bands I play in, Tribute to Venus Carmichael and Isaac Brutal and the Brutalists, also have albums in the works.

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